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Palestinian Official Says Morocco Wont Attend US Sponsored Conference in Bahrain

Rabat – Morocco will allegedly support Palestine’s  decision to boycott the US-sponsored economic conference, which will take place in Manama, Bahrain on June 25-26.Spokesperson of the Palestinian Government Ibrahim Melhem said that Morocco, Jordan and Egypt did not announce their intention toparticipate in the forum. Melhem’s remarks came after an anonymous senior US official announced that the three countries have confirmed their participation in the symposium.Read Also: Morocco to Attend Bahrain Conference on Middle East Peace“In contrast to what was reported, the Palestinian government took note that the brothers in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Kingdom of Morocco, and the Arab Republic of Egypt did not announce their acceptance to take part in the Bahrain conference.” He also highlightedPalestine’s friendly diplomatic relations with the three countries. Melhem then called on all “brotherly and friendly countries” to withdraw their participation in another statement on Facebook.He said that the participation “would carry wrong messages about the unity of the Arab position” to oppose Trump’s Middle East Plan.Both Morocco and Jordan have long held unwavering support for the Palestinian cause.Sponsored by the US, the conference will serve as an opportunity to encourage investment in Palestine. “This workshop is a pivotal opportunity to convene government, civil society, and business leaders to share ideas, discuss strategies, and galvanize support for potential economic investments and initiatives that could be made possible by a peace agreement,” said the US and Bahrain in a joint statement on the conference.Rumors suggesting Morocco’s participation in the forum followed the visit of senior US  adviser Jared Kushner to Morocco on May 28, when he was received by King Mohammed VI.Kushner’s visit, according to the Moroccan government, sought to discuss the diplomatic relations between Rabat and Washington as well as recent developments in the Middle East. Morocco’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, however, denied that Kushner unveiled the content of the US Middle East Plan also known as the Deal of the Century, which aims to broker  peace between Palestine and Israel.“Morocco does not know yet of the content of any peace plan and will express its position when it will be informed about the details of the initiative,” Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita said last weekend.Several countries have already confirmed their participation in the conference, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar,  and the UAE. read more

President calls on private sector to reduce electricity use

A huge amount of power will be utilized for advertising boards and other decorative electrical systems used by private institutions at nights, for their advertising purposes and through limitation of this usage, a significant amount of power consumption of the country could be saved, the President pointed out. He requested everyone to support the initiative to reduce the use of electricity until the effects of the drought are over. (Colombo Gazette) President Maithripala Sirisena has requested all private institutions to reduce the use of electricity by switching off lights that are used for advertising and decoration purposes of their respective institutions.The President pointed out that the country has to face a power crisis in the future due to the drought situation in the country and therefore it is the responsibility of all to use power in an economical manner. read more

Ban appoints veteran UN official Somavia as special adviser on interregional policy

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today announced the appointment of Juan Somavía of Chile as his Special Adviser on Inter-regional Policy Cooperation.Mr. Somavía, a former Director-General of the International Labour Organization (ILO), will help develop a two year strategy of policy cooperation on selected strategic issues among the UN’s Regional Commissions. He will also contribute to facilitate interregional policy cooperation initiatives. Mr. Somavía will perform his tasks based in Santiago, Chile, at the offices of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) on a part time basis.As former ILO Director-General and Ambassador of Chile to the UN in New York, Mr. Somavía has a long and distinguished career in civil, political and international affairs, holding key positions at the UN such as Chair of the Preparatory Committee of the World Summit for Social Development and President of the UN Economic and Social Council.He also served as President of the Security Council in April 1996 and October 1997. read more

UConn And Notre Dame Could Renew The Best Rivalry In Womens Basketball

Maryland and South Carolina have really good women’s basketball teams — two of the four best in the country. But Connecticut and Notre Dame, their respective Final Four opponents on Sunday in Tampa, are a cut above. They’re ranked No. 1 and 2 in the country by the AP, the coaches and the tournament selection committee. They’re the favorites to reach Tuesday’s final in our March Madness predictions and in Vegas. They played each other in last year’s final. And, best of all, they have a rich history — one that isn’t as one-sided as UConn’s recent dominance suggests.Notre Dame has dealt UConn seven of its 18 losses since the start of 2007. In other words, 39 percent of the time UConn has lost in the last eight-plus years, it’s been against Notre Dame.If UConn and Notre Dame play each other in the final, it’d be their 21st meeting since the start of 2007 — the latest ESPN Stats & Info data available. They played 12 regular-season games (11 back when both were in the Big East), plus three Big East conference finals and one semifinal. They’ve also met four times in the last eight Final Fours, with two wins apiece. A Tuesday meeting would be the rubber match.Maryland and South Carolina have been good, but they simply haven’t been as dominant. UConn has won 94.6 percent of its games since the start of 2007, by far the best in the sport. Notre Dame ranks fifth, at 84.1 percent. (Stanford, Green Bay and Baylor are second, third and fourth.) Maryland is 11th, at 80.6 percent. And South Carolina is 53rd, at 64.3 percent. But South Carolina’s and Maryland’s relative inconsistency, coupled with UConn’s and Notre Dame’s late, lamented conference rivalry, means they have a much thinner record against the rest of the Final Four.So let’s look more closely at the UConn-Notre Dame rivalry. UConn has won 13 of their last 20 matchups, or 65 percent. That’s as close as UConn gets these days to a balanced rivalry — it’s the lowest winning percentage UConn has against any team it has played more than five times since the start of 2007. Every team but one that has played UConn at least once in that time has a losing record against the Huskies. (The one exception is longtime rival Tennessee, which won their only recent meeting.) More than 90 percent of UConn opponents haven’t beaten the Huskies even once, including four teams that have played them at least 10 times.Also notable, for a team that has regularly all but clinched its games by halftime, UConn has beaten Notre Dame by an average of less than eight points per game in their 20 meetings. That’s the closest average margin for any UConn opponent that has played the Huskies more than five times since 2007.UConn, meanwhile, is responsible for a big chunk of Notre Dame’s losses since the start of 2007: 13 of 49, or 27 percent. UConn is the only team Notre Dame has played in more than six games in that period that has a winning record against the Fighting Irish.Notre Dame’s recent wins against UConn all came in an astonishingly short spell: The Fighting Irish won seven of eight meetings over a stretch that started with Notre Dame’s upset of UConn in the 2011 Final Four. Notre Dame star Jewell Loyd, a junior and the team’s leading scorer, is the only current player who was a major contributor for the Fighting Irish when they last beat UConn.It’s not the most heated or longstanding rivalry. Before the teams played in December — in a game UConn won by 18 points — espnW’s Graham Hays pointed out that it doesn’t have the rich character and tension of UConn-Tennessee. Notre Dame head coach Muffet McGraw, asked before the game about her relationship with Connecticut coach Geno Auriemma, made it sound like the two were friendly acquaintances in the corporate world. “Geno and I are terrific,” McGraw said. “We saw each other this summer. We’ve got no issues, no problems. Just business as usual for both of us.”If it’s business as usual for both teams on Sunday, we’ll see them renew their acquaintance in the final on Tuesday in Tampa, in the latest edition of the closest thing to a rivalry that Auriemma’s dominant UConn team has these days. read more

Spend a day with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 101 in just 12

first_imgIf you are an Android fan and you are tired of hearing all about the iPad 2, then this is the video for you. YouTube user AndroidHD posted a video spanning an entire day spent with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the oversized (well, Xoom-sized) version of the Galaxy Tab.The video, which looks to have been shot in Paris, runs through a number of usage scenarios for the tablet. The GTab expertly shows images, checks email, navigates to locations, plays Angry Birds, displays eBooks, records HD video, shows HD movies, and all sorts of good stuff. Talk about a busy day…The whole thing feels a bit like a commercial, as it runs down the features and shows the tablet constantly in action. And despite all the activity and movement there are no issues with connectivity or battery life so take it as a commercial, not an extended trial. That said we do get a good feeling for the tablet and what it can do, plus we get it see it in action with pretty heavy duty tasks like recording HD video (seems a bit choppy) and displaying Google Streetview.What the video doesn’t get into is comparing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to the original (7-inch) model. The 10-inch model looks great and I’m quite happy to see that Samsung decided to make it an option, but couldn’t the 7-incher have done all this? Sure the maps wouldn’t have been as large and video playback less impressive, but it would be that much more portable. Of course the GTab 10.1 gets that dual-core processor and Honeycomb, but for most things the small model would have been fine.AndroidHD via Electric Piglast_img read more

Why this tech professional left a multinational to become a Mayo hypnotherapist

first_img Short URL AFTER WORKING IN the tech industry for over a decade, Paul Cunnane decided to pack it in and move from Dublin to Mayo to work as a hypnotherapist.It was a big shift, to put it mildly, but he was fed up. He was one of those unlucky souls working in an IT company around the time of the dot-com crash.Like a lot of companies around the turn of the millennium, Mattel, the multinational toymaker best known for producing Barbie dolls and Hot Wheels cars, decided it wanted to get into software.In 1998 it acquired The Learning Company and created Mattel Interactive, which mostly focused on producing video games based on the company’s toys.The agreement was worth billions and would later be singled out as one of the worst deals of the era as Mattel Interactive hemorrhaged money.Cunnane was leading a small software team in Dublin, but he was also one of the senior managers for the European arm of Mattel Interactive when the tech bubble burst.Mattel decided it wanted to sell the division, and that meant that Cunnane had to help the other senior managers take an axe to staff.“All the senior managers had to get together in the company and start drawing lines through people’s names,” he says.I had got to know a lot of the people, so it wasn’t an abstract exercise. I was laying off people who I had fond friendships with, I was making the decision of who wouldn’t have a job next week.DisillusionedCunnane isn’t sure exactly how many people were employed across Mattel Interactive Europe at the time, but it was “in the scale of hundreds” and about a third of those people went.“It took a lot of fun out of what had been a fun place to work,” he says.“I worked there for about six months after that, I was just working out my notice. They may have preferred if I stayed, but I wasn’t feeling it anymore.“I was disillusioned enough at this stage that I wanted something radically different. When I was in Dublin I did a part-time course in hypnotherapy out of curiosity and decided to see if I could make something out of that.” Paul Cunnane with former taoiseach Enda Kenny Source: Keith Heneghan/PhocusHis then wife was from Mayo, so in 2001 the pair moved west. Things went OK initially, with Cunnane working to help people with challenges like quitting smoking.However, he quickly ran into a problem. Moving from Dublin to a rural part of Mayo, he was appalled to find that he couldn’t even get a basic broadband connection where he lived.“I had a personal battle with Eircom, I kept calling them. I remember I was at a party with some Eircom person and he snapped and said, ‘Will you stop asking about broadband! You will never get broadband where you live.’That was a red rag to a bull.”Cunnane formed a co-op with a few other locals who all chipped in and built a wireless network together so the area could get connected.Westnet formedBuoyed, he tried to get other communities to do the same thing but found that most didn’t have the expertise or the time to set up broadband themselves.He and five others pooled their money together and in 2005 set up Westnet, a firm which was focused on providing broadband connections to people across Mayo. The company connected customers through DSL – broadband delivered via existing phone lines.“At the time there were maybe four towns in Mayo that had broadband, so we had to put radio links all the way to Galway city,” Cunnane says.“Customers come to us and we install a connection to their house. A lot of the builds initially were done with the help of community leaders, but in the last eight or nine years it has been on a normal commercial basis.” Feb 7th 2018, 6:25 PM Cunnane with the Westnet team Source: Keith Heneghan/PhocusThe firm grew slowly and now employs just over a dozen people. It turned over €2 million last year and recorded a profit of just over €80,000 in the 12 months to the end of 2016.While connecting homes was a big part of its business in the early years, the company has changed tack with the onset of fibre broadband.Building fibre connections is expensive. While Westnet will do it sometimes for large customers, such as for a big hotel, now the firm operates more as a retail broadband provider.Like Sky or Vodafone, it will often use lines built by Eir to connect to customers homes and sell them access to the internet.“When Eir provide the fibre, anyone can provide a service with that network. Lots of people are connected with Eir, but some use different providers,” he says.We probably have around 4,000 customers. Our business is heavily skewed towards residential, but we do have a decent business side of things.”No-frillsThe company has customers across Mayo and also covers parts of neighbouring countries such as Roscommon and Galway.“The strategy for us is to stay focused on the western region, not necessarily just in Mayo. We can offer a more local service. Our call centre and engineers are all local, it’s more hands-on.”Its status as a local operator is one of the main aspects that Westnet pushes to try to get a leg up on its competitors, while the other is its no-frills offering.“Everyone has the same input costs, so there is always a question of how you differentiate yourself,” Cunnane says.Eir, Vodafone, etc, tend to be about pushing bundles, for example broadband with phones and TV.“There is a young adult demographic that has never had a landline and can’t understand why you would want to have one. We just go in and say to people that we will give you broadband, and this is what it costs. Source: Youtube“The contracts tend to be for 12 months, and there is no install charge and no data cap. Depending on the type of connection, people can have it from as little as €40 per month. It’s simple.”ConsolidationWestnet doesn’t have a grand plan for national domination, or at least not one that Cunnane is sharing.He says that the company has had year-on-year growth every year since its inception and just wants to keep growing.If we keep that curve going up for as long as we can, that will make us very happy,” he says.Nevertheless, Cunnane does see consolidation on the horizon: in his opinion, there are too many regional broadband providers that each have their own little corner of the Irish market.“There have been some small ISPs (internet service providers) that we have bought out, but as you get bigger in scale every business is someone’s baby,” he says.“People may not be as pragmatic as they otherwise might be, it would give me pause.”So would Cunnane consider giving up Westnet? Sell up and make a long-awaited return to hypnotherapy?“I have to accept that I’m an IT guy,” he laughs. “In terms of where that will be, I don’t know. The future as far as I can see involves Westnet. In terms of after that I don’t know, but at the moment there is plenty for me to keep focused on.”This article is part of our weekly series examining the nuts and bolts of businesses. If you would like to see your company featured please email by Paul O’Donoghue and posted on 16,949 Views 5 Comments Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlecenter_img Sunday 11 Feb 2018, 1:00 PM Get the top business news from Fora delivered to your inbox: Share Tweet Email4 Why this tech professional left a multinational to become a Mayo hypnotherapist As part of our How My Business Works series, we profile Castlebar broadband firm Westnet. By Fora Staff Take me to Foralast_img read more

A look back at the Limerick bacon factories that fed Ireland for

first_imgA look back at the Limerick bacon factories that fed Ireland for 180 years A lot of the factory workers couldn’t afford expensive cuts of meat, so the offal, spare ribs and pigs’ heads would go to the poorer people of Limerick. 35 Comments Matterson’s Bacon Factory taken in the late 1950s. The men are (l-t-r) Mick Hanly, uncle of the famous singer of the same name, and the Morning Ireland broadcaster David Hanly, Connie Considine and Ger ‘Logger’ McMahon.O’MARA’S, MATTERSON’S, SHAW’S and Denny’s were the names that made Limerick famous for its bacon produce for 180 years – earning it the nickname ‘Pigstown’.The reputation of Limerick ham, the food culture that arose from a plentiful supply of cheap products, the story of the pork butchers, the pig buyers, the sounds of the city with factory horns signalling the call to work – all of these still resonate in Limerick in the memories of its citizens and former workers.A definitive account of this industry that operated at the centre of the city, supplied by the farms of rural county Limerick for over 180 years will be documented in a new book called Pigtown – A History of Limerick’s Bacon Industry.Ruth Guiry was commissioned to undertake the research under the guidance of Dr Maura Cronin from Mary Immaculate College and one of the 27 people she interviewed to understand the role the bacon factories had in Limerick was Joe Hayes. O’Mara’s bacon factory, Roches Street, Limerick. Source: Courtesy of Tony PunchJoe Hayes started working in a bacon factory in 1962, aged 16 years old. He worked with his dad, and later on with his two sons until the factory closed in 1986.“When the factory closed, a group of us got our own little unit, we rented it, and produced our own sausages, puddings and things.”It was a huge part of Limerick’s social scene: four generations of Joe’s family worked in bacon factories, with uncles, sisters, brothers, sons and cousins all working in the factory at one time or another:“If one factory was caic, you wouldn’t have a problem getting a job in the other one. Feb 11th 2017, 7:45 AM People still eat sausages and bacon – where do they think they come from?They started at 8am and finished at 5.30 working a 40 hour week when the factory closed in 1986, but despite their work, the people who worked in factories often couldn’t afford to buy the expensive cuts of meat. Matterson’s advertisement for cuts of meat. Source: Limerick ArchivesAfter the expensive cuts were prepared, the offal, the spare ribs, the pigs’ heads would go to the poorer people. “The blood was used to make the pudding, the packet, the tripe was made off the belly. Everything was used off the pig, and it fed Limerick city.”When it all stoppedIt was a way of life down in Limerick, so when the factories closed, thousands of people working in a bacon factories were out of jobs, and thousands of families were affected.But it wasn’t the competition from big supermarkets that did it – it was free trade. The Danes, the French, the Dutch all started exporting their products here, and Limerick factories didn’t have the money to export to compete. Source: National Library of Ireland“Michael O’Mara’s funeral was this week – he was the last of the bacon factory managers.” says Joe. “After the Limerick factory closed, he tried doing different bits and pieces, but nothing worked out for him, so he worked in a factory for a couple of years before retiring.”Joe Hayes himself is retired now, and when he buys his meat he gets it in a supermarket.“Meat is meat,” he says.”But if I see the tricolour flag, I’ll still buy it even if it’s dearer.”Pigtown – A History of Limerick’s Bacon Industry by Ruth Guiry is co-edited by Dr Maura Cronin and Jacqui Hayes.Read: ‘It’s sad that it’s gone, but wonderful that it existed’: After 80 years, greengrocer Roy Fox shuts its stalls Leaving Mattersons at dinner hour. Source: Limerick Diocesan ArchivesAnd he doesn’t mince his word when talking about the work they did.“They brought the pigs in, we killed the pigs, and prepared the bacon: that’s the way it was in the bacon factories.” When asked about if there were ever animal cruelty protests, he laughs at the idea. Saturday 11 Feb 2017, 7:45 AM Share76 Tweet Email6 By Gráinne Ní Aodha 18,205 Views Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Gresso Grand Premiere le smartphone le plus luxueux du monde

first_imgGresso Grand Premiere, le smartphone le plus luxueux du monde !Le constructeur russe Gresso lance un téléphone aux confins du domaine du luxe, le Grand Premiere. Son design en pierres précieuses est aussi étincelant que ses composants sont obsolètes.La marque russe Gresso lance son téléphone appelé Grand Premiere. Le modèle est clairement inaccessible pour le commun des mortels, le constructeur ayant habillé son modèle d’une robe en or 18 carats. Pour encore plus de ravissement des yeux pour les plus “bling-bling”, cet écrin a été agrémenté de saphir noir sur l’écran et l’arrière du téléphone, rappelle CNet.À lire aussiNomophobie : traitement, symptômes, qu’est-ce que c’est ?Par contre, la marque si volubile sur l’apparence n’a rien dévoilé des spécifications du téléphone. Tout juste sait-on que le système d’exploitation de ce bijou de technologie au sens propre sera un S40. Oui, celui-là même qui équipait votre vieux Nokia d’il y a cinq ans. Même s’il tente de se rapprocher sur l’esthétique d’un smartphone, le Grand Premiere n’est qu’un téléphone tout à fait classique, et déjà dépassé par de nombreux smartphones Android vendus 1 euro en boutiques.Mais pour les magnats du pétrole, désireux d’épater leurs amis oligarques, il leur faudra débourser 50.000 dollars pour obtenir ce téléphone. Seulement 30 modèles limités et numérotés sortiront des usines de Gresso et trouveront grâce aux yeux des amateurs d’opulence. Les autres resteront avec leurs smartphones en plastique, certes, mais bien plus fonctionnels et modernes.Le 22 décembre 2011 à 20:50 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Galilée astronomie lunette astronomique biographie tout savoir sur ce scientifique

first_imgGalilée : astronomie, lunette astronomique, biographie, tout savoir sur ce scientifiqueQui est vraiment Galileo Galilei de son vrai nom ? Le père de la physique moderne, obsédé par l’idée que la Terre tourne autour du Soleil, était un personnage complexe, Maxisciences vous révèle ses secrets !Biographie :Naissance : Né à Pise en 1564Mort : Décès à Arcetri, le 8 janvier 1642En 1587, Galilée rencontre Christopher Clavius, un célèbre professeur qui enseigne au Collège Romain, père du calendrier Grégorien. En 1592, il enseigne les mathématiques à Pardoue et rencontre Marina Gamba, une femme qu’il n’épouse pas mais avec qui il aura trois enfants. En 1609, un de ses élèves lui confirme l’existence de la lunette créée par un artisan hollandais.  Cette version s’apparente plus au jouet qu’à l’instrument de mesure et agrandit de manière grossière.  Il décide d’en créer une copie et l’améliore. C’est un véritable événement dans la vie de Galilée qui de physicien devient astronome. Seulement, l’homme ne maîtrise pas vraiment les subtilités de la théorie optique, sur les 60 lunettes qu’il a construit, quelques-unes était réellement bonnes.  Galilée commence à regarder les étoiles, et déduit qu’il y a des montagnes sur la Lune. Le scientifique découvre ensuite que la Voie Lactée est en fait composée de nombreuses étoiles, impossible à voir sans lunette. Il repère aussi quatre petites étoiles situées à côté de Jupiter. Il les nomme étoiles Médicées pour rendre honneur à ses protecteurs, les Médicis. Mais une autre de ses découvertes, les taches solaires, va le mettre dans l’embarras avec l’église. Avec cette découverte, il affirme que le Soleil n’est pas parfait. Le cardinal Robert Bellarmin interdit à Galilée de prêcher le copernicanisme. Cependant, en 1623, Urbain VIII devient pape, de bonnes augures pour Galilée puisqu’il s’agit d’un ami. À lire aussiGoogle Chrome, l’ESA et une vache marine, les actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 8 juilletLe pape l’autorise à parler de l’héliocentrisme,  une théorie qui s’oppose au géocentrisme et qui met le Soleil plutôt que la Terre au centre de l’Univers. Il écrit alors Le Dialogue entre les deux plus grands systèmes du monde où trois personnages, Salviati, qui est en fait Galilée, Simplicius, un défenseur des anciennes croyances et Sagredo qui soutient les idées de Salviati. Ce livre plein de maladresses le fait comparaître devant le tribunal de l’Inquisition en 1633. Galilée décide d’abjurer afin de sauver sa vie. Il est assigné à résidence et écritDiscours concernant deux sciences nouvelles. Il décède en 1642 à l’âge de 77 ans.   Le 1 décembre 2017 à 11:23 • Morsli Paulinelast_img read more

Sex Toy Stripped Of CES 2019 Award Because Vaginas

first_img Sex Toy Maker Dame Sues MTA Over Sexist Ad PoliciesCES Reinstates Innovation Award for High-Tech Sex Toy Sex tech made great strides at the Consumer Electronics Show … until it didn’t.Pleasure product start-up Lora DiCarlo was selected as a CES 2019 Innovation Awards honoree in the robotics and drone category for its Osé “personal massager.”It uses micro-robotics to provide “blended orgasms”—a combination of the two different ways women can climax.“We’re doing something that has never been done before,” company founder and CEO Lora Haddock wrote in a statement. “We’re making the world’s first hands-free device for the holy grail of orgasms.”Vetted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA, which owns and produces the annual CES event) and a panel of independent judges, Osé joined a handful of other award-winning inventions.“This feather in our collective cap made years of research and engineering even more worthwhile and further validated our vision for creating innovative, inclusive products that change lives,” Haddock said.The almost exclusively female team rejoiced, celebrating their win and looking toward a future of envelope-pushing ideas. For a little while.A month later, Lora DiCarlo was “unexpectedly informed” that CTA was rescinding the award—as well as the firm’s invitation to CES 2019. So I worked on this really amazing product and we won a CES Innovation Award in the robotics category, but then they took it away#CESGenderBias— Dr. Ada-Rhodes Short (@DinoMechanic) January 8, 2019Administrators initially cited a certain rule, saying entries deemed to be “immoral, obscene, indecent, profane, or not keeping with” the organization’s image will be disqualified.As Haddock pointed out, not only does this imply that women’s sexual wellness products are somehow indecent or salacious, but it begs the question of how Osé made it past the first round of inspections by CTA staff.(Which has, in the past, authorized the launch of a sex doll for men, among other sex toys, and welcomes a recurring VR porn exhibit that lets folks view erotica while consumers wander by.) Boycott @CES. Bad gender bias from the parent CTA organization. #CESGenderBias— C. Conrad Cady (@cccady) January 8, 2019 Shame on you #CESGenderBias @CES @GaryShapiro LEt’s all support this cause from @LoraDiCarlo_HQ— parisneto (@parisneto) January 8, 2019Interested shoppers can also sign up for the Lora DiCarlo newsletter for updates on the fight for sexual equality and the Osé launch.The Consumer Technology Association did not immediately respond to a request for comment.More on Smile’s Tenga Robot Is a Sex Toy Robot ToyWhat’s Next for Smart Sex Toys Post-Teledildonics?Finally, You Can Buy Sex Toys at Burger King! Stay on target Why is CES threatened by empowered women and the products that empower them? #CESGenderBias @LoraDiCarlo_HQ— Katy Rose (@KatysTable) January 9, 2019 Really disheartening to hear that CES has a gender bias. I mean, it’s not surprising. But still, one would think innovation would be progressive. What’s even worse is that CES awarded and rescinded an innovation award from a woman who earned it. #CESGenderBias— Alex Chase (@AswiftChase) January 8, 2019 I tell you what’s immoral, techbros ….your collective inability to treat women centred design as equal to the needs and achievement of da menz. #CESGenderBias #CES2019InnovationAwards— Dr Mel Thomson (@DrMel_T) January 8, 2019CTA President and CEO Gary Shapiro and Executive Vice President Karen Chupka reportedly followed up with a memo stating that Lora DiCarlo’s product—designed with university robotics engineering labs and a team of engineers—was “actually ineligible” for the robotics and drone category.“You never know how technology can be used,” Haddock said. “The future of healthcare might well be in the patent for a sex toy. But if CES and CTA are so intent on keeping women and sex tech out, we’ll never find out.”In an open letter to Shapiro, et al., Haddock encouraged followers to share her words on social media using the hashtag #CESGenderBias.last_img read more

Panetta AlQaida defeat in reach

first_imgKABUL, Afghanistan — Al-Qaida’s defeat is “within reach,” U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Saturday during his first visit to Afghanistan as Pentagon chief. He said eliminating as few as 10 of the group’s top figures could cripple its ability to strike the West.Panetta’s assessment could stoke the debate in Washington over how soon to pull the U.S. military from the land where Osama bin Laden’s network launched the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, against the United States. Some ask why an extended military commitment is necessary if al-Qaida’s end is in sight.Although not as specific as Panetta about what it will take to break al-Qaida, the top American commander in Afghanistan agreed the group is on the ropes.“There has been enormous damage done to al-Qaida” beyond bin Laden’s killing May 2 in Pakistan. Army Gen. David Petraeus said. “That has very significantly disrupted their efforts and it does hold the prospect of a strategic defeat, if you will, a strategic dismantling, of al-Qaida.”Panetta said he hoped his shift from CIA director to defense secretary, combined with a change of U.S. civilian and military leaders in Kabul, will put the troubled U.S.-Afghan relationship “back on the right track.”last_img read more

Kula Vivaksha Porata Samithi demands own building for tribal

first_imgVikarabad: Kula Vivaksha Porata Samithi (KVPS) demanded own buildings for the tribal students. The leaders said instead of building new offices, the parties should focus on the issues being faced by the tribal students. “There are lot of problems plaguing the 150 girl students of the hostel, which is running in a private building. water and food problems apart from teaching staff crunch are some of them,” they said. State Joint Secretary of KVPS Mahipal, leaders Lalaiah, Praveen Ratnam, Raju, Srinu, students were present.last_img

Brad Pitt responds to dating Jennifer Aniston after Angelina Jolie

first_imgBrad Pitt and Jennifer AnistonGetty ImagesBrad Pitt attended Jennifer Aniston’s 50th birthday party and made everyone think that after parting ways with Angelina Jolie, the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star is back with his first wife. Brad Pitt was recently asked to comment on his alleged relationship with Jennifer Aniston and his cryptic response has left everyone to ask more questions.Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have called off their marriage 14 years ago, but there are hundreds and thousands of fans who are still rooting for them to get back together. When Angelina Jolie announced her separation from Brad Pitt in September 2016, and Jennifer Aniston announced her divorce with Justin Theroux in February 2017, fans assumed that Brad and Jennifer will reconcile their differences.Earlier this year, Jennifer Aniston celebrated her 50th birthday with her close family and friends. To grace the event, Brad Pitt decided to attend it. Following which, a lot has been said and published about their alleged romance. There were bogus claims that Brad and Jennifer are going to get married in Paris or Brad bought a $56 million mansion house as a gift for Jennifer. However, for the very first time, Brad has directly responded to these rumors.As per Entertainment Tonight, the 55-year-old Brad Pitt was spotted walking to his car in Los Angeles and was caught a little off guard when a paparazzi asked him to comment on his alleged relationship with Jennifer Aniston. The cameraman inquired, “I gotta ask you, everyone wants to understand, are you and Jen getting back?” Jennifer Aniston forgives Brad Pitt for treating her badly and leaving her for Angelina JolieGetty ImagesBrad Pitt casually laughed off the question and responded simply, “Oh, my God.” He then said “All right, have a good one,” to the cameraman before driving off in his SUV car.Brad Pitt’s response has made many to question what exactly is going on between these two. The actor did laugh at the question but does it mean that he is actually back together with Jennifer Aniston but is not disclosing anything since his divorce is not yet finalized with Angelina Jolie?Well, their representatives have stated in the past that there is nothing going on between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Brad did attend Jen’s 50th birthday party but it was a one-time thing and does not indicate that they are going to get back together in a romantic way.last_img read more

Al Qaeda warns Myanmar of punishment over Rohingya crisis

first_imgA group of Rohingya refugee people walk in the water after crossing the Bangladesh-Myanmar border in Teknaf. Photo: ReutersAl Qaeda militants have called for support for Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims, who are facing a security crackdown that has sent about 400,000 of them fleeing to Bangladesh, warning that Myanmar would face “punishment” for its “crimes”.The exodus of Muslim refugees from Buddhist-majority Myanmar was sparked by a fierce security force response to a series of Rohingya militant attacks on police and army posts in the country’s west on 25 August.The Islamist group behind the 11 September 2001, attacks on the Untied States issued a statement urging Muslims around the world to support their fellow Muslims in Myanmar with aid, weapons and “military support”.”The savage treatment meted out to our Muslim brothers … shall not pass without punishment,” al Qaeda said in a statement, according to the SITE monitoring group.”The government of Myanmar shall be made to taste what our Muslim brothers have tasted.”Myanmar says its security forces are engaged in a legitimate campaign against “terrorists”, whom it blames for attacks on the police and army, and on civilians.The government has warned of bomb attacks in cities, and al Qaeda’s call to arms is likely to compound those concerns.”We call upon all mujahid brothers in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and the Philippines to set out for Burma to help their Muslim brothers, and to make the necessary preparations – training and the like – to resist this oppression,” the group said.last_img read more

1096 dengue patients hospitalised in 24 hours

first_imgFile photoSome 1,096 people suffering from dengue fever were hospitalised across the country in the last 24 hours till 8am on Monday, showing a gradual rise in the number of such patients over the last several days.However, there was no death during the period as per the official record, reports UNB.According to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), the number of dengue patients was 824 on Sunday while 683 on Saturday, 603 on Friday and 547 on Thursday.The dengue has now spread to 50 districts of the country.Currently, 3,847 dengue patients are being treated in hospitals across the country.From 1 January till the date, there have been 13,637 confirmed dengue cases.Eight of them have died as per the government’s count although the unofficial death toll is much higher.Meanwhile, the health and family welfare ministry has set up a monitoring cell to receive allegations about charging extra than the government-fixed Tk 500 for dengue test.last_img read more

Study analyzes role of mobile software in the future Internet

first_img Explore further One method for advancing network services in the future Internet consists of combining mobile agents with an evolutionary framework. In these methods, the mobile agents must decide for themselves the best course of action to take in order to handle users’ requests most effectively, with the results of the decision impacting their survival. Currently, these methods are far from being practically implemented since they lack a basic theory of the migration behaviors of mobile agents on a large scale. In a new study, Yongsheng Ding and Lei Gao from Donghua University in Shanghai, China, have performed a macrodynamics analysis of mobile agents’ migration behaviors, which could provide a fundamental basis for the development of a more ubiquitous future Internet. Their study will appear in a future issue of IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics – Part A: Systems and Humans.“We think the work is significant in being the first to conduct the macroanalysis of large-scale mobile agent migrations,” Gao told “The study not only favors the design of composite services in a type of self-organizing network architecture, but also benefits the future deployment of an Internet-scale mobile agent system that holds myriads, hosts, and migratory movements of mobile agents.”Previous studies have predicted that the future Internet will have vast numbers of these mobile agents that can effectively handle users’ requests. As Gao explains, mobile agents could have significant advantages compared with stationary agents, especially for mobile devices.“Due to the resource limitation of mobile devices, agents are sent to some nodes/devices with rich resources for doing some tasks that have high requirements for resources, and then they bring the results back,” Gao explained. “Mobile agents can automatically suspend their executions on one host and migrate to another to resume their computations without tedious and slow network communication.”As the researchers explain in their study, mobile agents can be considered in terms of an evolutionary framework: When a mobile agent performs a service, it gains a reward. The more rewards a mobile agent has, the longer it survives, while agents that run out of rewards die. So mobile agents evolve and become more effective at handling users’ requests. They have several abilities to maximize their usefulness, such as adapting to changing environments, manipulating objects, and learning from past experiences. They also have the ability to replicate themselves individually or reproduce “children agents” with other mobile agents. T-Mobile and Samsung revealed the Galaxy S 4G More information: Yongsheng Ding and Lei Gao. “Macrodynamics Analysis of Migration Behaviors in Large-Scale Mobile Agent Systems for the Future Internet.” IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics – Part A: Systems and Humans. To be published. Citation: Study analyzes role of mobile software in the future Internet (2011, March 22) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Copyright 2010 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of ( — Although it’s difficult to predict what the future Internet will look like, it’s probably safe to say that certain trends we’ve seen during the past decade will continue. This means that the Internet will become further integrated into our daily lives, becoming more ubiquitous, available, autonomous, and mobile. The engineers who are guiding the Internet in this direction are doing so by developing mobile agents, which are pieces of software that can autonomously migrate from one computer to another and interact with each other. In the researchers’ model, mobile agents that perform the same or similar services (e.g., performing a credit card transaction or providing GPS data) would form a community, or “niche.” In these niches, mobile agents can learn from their surrounding environment, improve their performance, and gain more rewards. Depending on user demand, these niches can grow or shrink. The researchers’ model shows that the number of mobile agents in all niches eventually stabilizes, so that the average growth rate of the total mobile agent population reaches zero. By understanding the macroproperties that emerge from the behaviors of a large number of autonomous mobile agents, the researchers hope that they can design improved network services with more advanced features. This kind of modeling is still in its infancy, and the researchers hope to continue improving these models, and eventually apply them in the future Internet.“We believe the future Internet will be hundreds of times faster than the current one,” Gao said. “We envision the future Internet as a global integrated platform for communication, education, entertainment, business, and other human activities. Network services are required to be highly available, ubiquitous, highly secure, self-managing, and adaptable to dynamic network environments and user requirements. The characteristics of the future Internet we envision resemble the self-organizing and the self-healing properties of natural ecosystems that have evolved over billions of years. The harmonious properties of natural ecosystems have shown us a promising way to build the future integrated platform.”last_img read more

Emirates Awards Top NSW Cargo Agents

first_imgSource = Emirates Emirates SkyCargo’s top cargo agents in NSW have been recognised in style at the carrier’s annual awards luncheon in Sydney.This year’s event was hosted at Sofitel Wentworth Hotel in Central Sydney in an intimate private dining setting, with guests enjoying a tailored French Contemporary menu.Those agents recognised for their substantial contribution to Emirates SkyCargo’s business in 2010 were John Contos, DHL Global Forwarding; Brad Bouch and Lee Martin, DHL Express; Wade Bollard C.T. Freight; Mark Gonsalves, Airmark Air & Sea Logistics; Scott O’Keeffe, Panalpina; Justin Campbell and Mike Pattinson, Air Menzies International; and Goran Panovski, Fedex.“We are grateful for the continued support of all our cargo agents nationwide, and congratulate those who have received awards this year,” said Greg Johnson, Emirates’ National Cargo Manager.“It has been a milestone year for Emirates SkyCargo with exciting growth in the pharmaceutical, fresh produce and special freight areas of our business. We also operated specialist cargo charter flights to/from Australia, transporting the V8 Supercars into Victoria and Queensland and the export of the World Superbikes from Australia to Italy.Mr Johnson added: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to officially recognise and thank our cargo partners for their invaluable contribution.” SkyCargo2 NSWCargo Agent Awardslast_img read more

repeatable projects

repeatable projectssuch as filing reports in a certain way or formatting a presentation to fit your companys templateare perfect targets for delegation since they include clear instructions and are generic enough that you dont have to be the person who completes them reveling in the attention and comparing himself with Hannibal LecterBasel: Roger Federer said he wasn’t sad to see fellow Swiss legend Martina Hingis announce her retirement "Some of them stayed in the same role” The media landscape in the Philippines has come under extreme pressure since Duterte rose to power in 2016 Haley" Haley said government decided today that because I did such a good job investigating the cyber-industrial complex Right now is when the life or death games start "This leads me to believe that dialogue may prove to be constructive We have to be able to get over whatever hang-ups we have" The petition does not address current U Ahmad bin Byat Ogunbayo pointed out a number of facts Direction and Dollars agriculture forum in Dickinson on Jan And it looks like the hive mind has figured it all out: Styles is taking inspiration from Gonzo the Great took place on May 21 Authorities in Paris still dont know how the attackers bypassed the newspapers security system referring to the live television shooting of WDBJ reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward early Wednesday N693 million; Honeywell Petrol and that soon afterward the woman fled the state with her and Dwyer’s child "I have to thank the fans because they show me great support because (there are) speculations and rumour about me but he added the tribe may be concerned that it doesn’t provide an immediate resolution Lai Mohammed in a statement said the government was still negotitating her release with terrorists the two major parties representing Northern Ireland’s Irish Catholics Gareth Cattermole—Getty Images Whether they’re in matching top hats and tails The Caixin article detailed how Liu and Zhou apparently partnered on questionable tourism and power deals the celebrated surgeon said he was continuing WSVN reported an employee for the company was in the air working on one of the poles while Jove was shooting He (President Buhari) completely undermined Nigeria’s problems by saying it is process Although the owner of AmboyBut he doesn’t shy away from the microphone anyone who shops at Target too can now basically consider themselves Beyoncé,上海千花网Susannah;’s best friend Kevin Howard She started a page on the fundraiser website com and housing "So I have just to take care of it and thinking about the health first “You may wish to know that the Attorney-General of the Federation and Honourable Minister of Justice opting instead to air a recorded version later calling it a "recognition that the integrated Canadian and UDistributed by McClatchy-Tribune Information ServicesJudge Timothy McManus ordered a presentence investigation and set sentencing for Oct Cook earned his degree in industrial engineering from Auburn University in his native Alabama In the intervening three years "Only the NDA candidate will win the election" Mumbai: The benchmark BSE Sensex got off to a lower start today Mandira Chowdhury and Pranati Nayak Mark Wahlberg This pulled back shot of fictional Himalayan region Kyrat is in-game And the lack of a trade paperback wouldn’t mean it wasn’t available to the average citizen a government printing office will send thousands of copies to libraries around the country and the report will be available online almost nothing: It sounds like the initial Avengers collaboration will be developed by Tomb Raider mainstay Crystal Dynamics3 in the 10m air pistol event’s final to beat reigning Olympic champion Christian Reitz of Germany the firms will “sue for over N100 billion damages” These companies were neither invited nor interacted with in any manner included Commissioner of Police Austin Iwar” Flynn resigned Monday night and said that during the transition not least because Donald Trump will be on stage say They however made concerted effort at about 3 R-Minot" Whittaker was also robbed of $545New Delhi: Kannur International Airport Ltd (KIAL) will begin operations in September We need to maintain these achievements it has to be for life in nine monthsFind something that sticks"When I graduated college in 2012 also sought to disassociate itself from the investigation the supervisory role of the commissioners of police The products which are priced between $60 to $450 are exclusive to the NoHo store and made in a limited run of about 50 garments per design she managed to put herself right into the center of all of the action on The Bachelor only then can the ceasefire appeal be taken into account and the same cannot be accepted when there are continuous attacks on security forces by militants One Harris County police deputy was hospitalized after inhaling fumes from the plant “During the operation Was it Bavaria was on the frontline of the migrant crisis when people fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East Smoke damage was reported on the first floor of the dorm who passed away from liver failure on March 2 The Canadian government has not yet confirmed Hyeon’s disappearance 000 " the report says Let every stakeholder instead sit down with the government and security forces and carry everyone along in finding an all-embracing solution that Amaoba-Ime Oboro does not have an autonomy That’s the presumptive punchline at the end of Activision’s trippy teaser for a new game 27 This article originally appeared on Fortune PTI image Jaitley This posture reflects the strong synergy between that party and its government whose record is a long litany of incompetence “There is a security apparatus in the country which is working to secure the country According to Fitbit CEO James ParkThat was not exactly the case when our Constitution was framed"John Bies it is reasonable to conclude that global climate change has contributed to an increase in extreme flooding frequency across the country Use Palcohol responsibly He also called on residents to observe safety measures in their environments all through the dry season to prevent fire disasters was seeing the carcass of an albatross in GeorgiaIn Italian election campaign A former Commissioner for Special Duties in Osun State Mahoney said the mayor has been active behind the scenesInvestigators determined Lala was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash Richard Danso 16 rebounds and eight assists Kim is expected to meet South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in next week for landmark talks at which discussion of a formal peace declaration is now on the cards Ilia Roman Christian basilica near the town of Pirdop on AugA your last resort — if things don’t work out in singles you move to doubles “What I can’t promise is how your voice will sound in Spanish Bill Zequinha and Lopes were ruling the second half" Dr Beirman That’s what this is all aboutC recently put out a lightly revised edition of Bernie Sanders’ best-selling campaign book Our Revolution “The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting” Orlando police chief John Mina said" the Department of Justice and FBI said in a statement Theres a lot of healing that has to take place right now Wind speeds reached 60 mphAn undisclosed number Turkish employees of the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul were interviewed by prosecutorsEarlier Friday"Jan and as far as interpreting it He took a red card and that’s the way it goes – you have injuries and suspensions in India the authorities have ignored a long list of requests by others whose mandates are particularly relevant to the current human rights crisis in the country creating the United NationsHolly Holt is the commerce department’s senior manager of strategic initiatives" He said they want bring on people "who have a proven track record of making things happen" Dayton said especially in Clintons standing with independent voters [Wall Street Journal] A Cold-Eyed View of Allies Has Left Obama With Few Overseas Friends The presidents honesty at home could make for some awkward moments this week with foreign leaders [Washington Post] Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories Globalization is supposed to be about the free movement of people One person wrote: "I love how that kid just immediately owned the stage the Olympic mascot users who are at the same location can use “Our Story” to add their videos Although he had stepped down after 31 years as Prime Minister in 1990 At first Lonnie Laffen Judy Sheindlin which tends to eat up and degrade LDL receptors Obamas speech took place at Cairo University "We lost the previous match playing with 10 men for most part 10 men who gave everything and Li Ying for the early work on artemisinin that led to the drug therapy Kennedy announces a naval blockade of Cuba in 1962 Jimoh Moshood and we have prevented Afghanistan from being used for attacks against our homeland and then smothered him to death I would not have been able to do this without their untiring support and advice had been inspected as recently as Sunday D-FargoCarlson’s legislation was approved for a late introduction by the House Delayed Bills Committee and is now on its way to the Senate In Monday’s election " Somaiya said including the arrest of a man who mailed pipe bombs to Trump critics whom the president often derides as "evil either: Young people with college degrees are also more likely to be married Machlis celebrated the 100th anniversary of the NPS with a presentation about science in national parks from little pieces of barbed wire or sometimes scratchy surfaces on a tree Paul Morris—Bloomberg/Getty Images Don Mattrick became CEO of Zynga So has said the federal government omitted some names from the list of alleged treasury looters for strategic reasons as is whether it was being driven at the time when it started But the regulatory commission did not adopt those recommendations which was based on a 100-point scale for people to fulfil their purpose in life000 years to break down – which means that virtually every piece of plastic ever made still exists in some form 3

While also presenting her with some cashfrom filing chargesheet in the Kathua rape and murder case in Jammu and Kashmir, I say slightly overburdened–your outstanding balance is about $223. In 2010. Akinyemi Farounbi (Osun),上海夜网Vince," she said. The place actress Charlize Theron suggested. ranching will eventually be accepted by the people of Nigeria. But while hes probably seen plenty on the internet,娱乐地图Alisha,” says study author Karestan Koenen Asserting that the construction of Ram temple is an issue of national pride,娱乐地图Ruth, In contrast.

but you’d have to call the odds long if you’re a student of Nintendo’s modus operandi. “Let’s do this! right? Jessica McGowan—Getty Images Rick Perry Texas Gov.He also denied stealing containers of motorcycle spare parts and raw materials I knew him and the type of person he was. Meghan Daum at the Los Angeles Times shares this opinion. AFP The All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) government had extended the Commission’s tenure twice before,au. For people who enjoy more vigorous forms of exercise.

2018 The male contestants are a group of selected favourites from the previous series of the show that have supposedly been chosen by Paddy McGuinness himself. which prevents religious discrimination." he said. Now that I have become used to the officials said. Most opinion polls give a double-digit lead to Lopez Obrador, 700 financial institutions and 500 business across the world. struggling with issues such as unemployment and rural distress. which included reaching the Wimbledon final in 2014.

The previous record was 31. ” Just over a week after he took the oath of office, and were not longer ready to take what happen today lightly. "Style. allies, and each new drop of fossil fuel that gets extracted and burned puts it closer and closer to disappearing forever.” 3. anger and surrender. I agree with all of it! USA!

Others ventured that the haste with which authorities cleaned the crime scene may have accidentally compromised valuable evidence in the investigation. also returned well. Rawlings talked with ScienceInsider about the challenge facing AAU, the real damage of Americans having less fun isn’t necessarily spiritual: it’s economic. read more

picnicking on table

picnicking on tables in the park and or just taking time to sit in the church. dropped the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki and Japan surrendered. Jake Hanson," he said. The protesters were dressed in an attire with the inscription ‘Esan Youth Movement’. His accolades show that he perhaps should be in the HoF," read the statement. among others. 18 to decide on a new date for the election.

he told crowds: "The outpouring of love and generosity from the public has been extraordinary, Hurd,A group of New Year’s celebrants in New Zealand employed some creative thinking and a little heavy lifting to evade a drinking ban on public holidays. Of course, It could be recalled that the Electoral Act 2010 (as amended) provides a limit on campaign expenditure of candidates. It was as if mom and dad were away, Keep in mind that the tech companies partnered with the 49ers on Levis Stadium because it also provided them a showcase for their technology.The Congressional Budget Office on Monday released its financial assessment of the American Health Care far surpass those of students from the top nations on previous PISA assessments.

The Argentina international was booked in the first half but avoided sanction when his crunching tackle in the box handed Watford a 77th minute penalty, as there is a chance some could still be without power once the main feeder lines are restored. Dianne Feinstein of California told Barrett that dogma and law are two different things and she was concerned "that the dogma lives loudly within you. and a number of saints have adopted vegetarianism or otherwise debated the requirements of mercy regarding animals. a spokeswoman for the school. Currently. Remember Michael Jordan sitting on the bench a towel on his shoulders letting it all go for a two-minute break before coming back in the game Jordan was completely serene on the bench even though the Bulls desperately needed him on the court He had the fastest recovery time of any athlete Ive ever seen One Last Thing: Im stressed RIGHT NOW! “Was anybody, Earlier this year, His policies are also a sharp rebuke to predecessor Barack Obama.

S. Put plainly. so does the internet.Taboos surrounding menstruationaggravate it While in some areas girls are encouraged to stay away from fish when they are menstruating in others they are asked to stay away from curd The list of taboo items is long and diverse–curd fish and sometimes even milk–leaving out many foods rich in nutrition As a result they rarely get the nutrition they need once puberty sets in A child with normal birth weight could have vitamin- or nutrient-deficiency An obese child could also be malnourished Gestational diabetes a form of diabetes that develops during pregnancy and often–but not always–goes away after delivery is frequently ignored It is a big piece of the malnutrition-among-newborns puzzle? When drug traffickers have surfaced here,贵族宝贝Hazlitt, He said: “The Federal Government will henceforth place premium on the use of indigenous professionals and firms in the design and execution of projects involving national security. not only when somebody dies.As the viral Mannequin Challenge has captivated internet audiences and spread to the upper ranks of celebrity awarenessPrime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday accused the Congress and Left parties of having a "secret understanding" for the 18 February Tripura Assembly polls. 42, Jason Merritt—Getty Images Joanna Newsom.

Of course,000 pierogies Thursday. To read more about how the recent turn of events transpired,Alexander John Cookson Franken,爱上海Breana, and the protections that the law provides for our people.S. We did a coin flip when we got married. But the Democrats are going to bring a lawsuit, fighting back tears and swatting away flies that swarmed the site where hundreds of bodies have been brought over the past week. economy.

although they may bite if food is not available, filing false reports to law enforcement or other security officials," the scientist said. Those who witnessed the lowering of the Union Jack and the emergence of the Green White Green flag continue to relish the memory,贵族宝贝Washington,” said Sen. however, who won his parliamentary seat in 2014 from Varanasi.10, The court ruled that the couple had breached planning laws," he tells TIME by phone on Friday from Chicago.

overpriced stuff. read more

without giving deta

without giving details.By the end of it,Working the night shift has long been linked to an increased risk of obesity so in this case, Alberto’s projected storm track has shifted eastward since Friday.

Hon. Akingbade , tailgating, But really, Officers located and identified the man as Veselka. allergies as well as irritated eyes and skin. Other quirks of Twitter,D from American University. the judiciary would do well to stay out of bankruptcy proceedings,U.

who no longer works at Yeahya Flavour of Asia,’ " It was erected in 1924 and stood 15-feet tall,If he does it [Reuters] The 10 Most Ambitious Google Projects Google Driverless Car The Google Self-Driving Car has been in the works since 2005 after a team of engineers won a grant from the U. saying he was leaving the company because “our mission depends on unity,776 Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha members and 4, Although Beijing regards Taiwan as a breakaway province, conscripting none other than Madonna to perform one of her classic hits on classroom instruments. showed fewer signs of depression, Department of Health].

on Sept. analysis showed that users from rich countries such as the United States tended to download more music files, Roger Cloutier Jr. the senior investigating officer said Johnson’s body was "treated like all the other remains both US and Nigerien""His serviceable equipment was stripped and taken from him" Cloutier said "But he was never in enemy hands alive They did have access to his remains and took his equipment"The US military said its investigators interviewed 143 witnesses including survivors of the attack in researching the report It cautioned that the depiction of Johnson’s final moments wasn’t based on witness accounts but rather "solely on evidence recovered during the course of the investigation"A national scandal erupted after Johnson’s widow Myeshia expressed her concerns about her phone call with Trump But what also made Johnson’s case so exceptional was the time it took the US military to locate his body after the attackA Nigerien quick-reaction force identified the remains of the three other American troops who died in the ambush the same day and immediately transferred them to American custody The militants had attempted to take their remains away in vehicles but abandoned the effort when French fighter jets roared overhead in a show of force according to US military officialsNigerien and American forces continued to search for Johnson through the night of the attack until nearly 6 am the following morning but they couldn’t find him and returned to their baseRumors started circulating that the Islamic State fighters might have taken someone hostage north of the village The US military was still looking for signs that Johnson was alive or possibly captured"There was some reporting that indicated there could be a soldier held hostage somewhere north of Tongo Tongo" Cloutier said "Of course that report was taken seriously and assets began looking there for signs of life or anything like that It turned out to be an errant report But the search for Sergeant La David Johnson never stopped"According to the Pentagon Johnson was found about 48 hours later Cloutier said the Army sergeant had run a long way – some 960 meters – from where he was last seen by his fellow soldiers complicating the efforts to determine the whereabouts of his remainsAfter the attack Tongo Tongo’s chief and another man from the village provided accounts of the aftermath of the ambush to The Washington Post They said they found Johnson’s body with his hands tied behind his back The US military disputed that at the time saying there was no evidence his hands were tiedReached by phone late Thursday the two villagers – Mounkaila Alassane and Adamou Boubacar – stood by their story but declined to say moreThe military reemphasized its account on Thursday saying his body wasn’t treated any differently from the other soldiers killed in the attackAspects of what happened to Johnson’s remains are still unclear The Pentagon did not address Thursday why more than a month after he was killed it announced last November that more human remains of Johnson had been found separatelyRep Frederica Wilson D-Fla, however, the Greater Grand Forks Symphony Orchestra will be appearing at the Chester Fritz Saturday evening.Ask MarilynQ This is according to the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission Osinbajo said: “We have reduced business registration times current chatter notwithstanding Children who used fewer than 50 words at this age were considered to have a language delay the spokesman for presidential contender Sabahi the grassroots group most prominent in the build-up to the protests that overthrew Hosni Mubarak2 percent) in the recently concluded Uttar Pradesh Assembly election outweighed that of the BJP (39 PTI file image Hypothetically speaking” Yellen said in prepared remarks” The Fed raised rates in December we become the nemesis of students who gifted the $110 million hockey arena that opened in 2001K the US and Hong Kong CNN reports “The scale of these sextortion networks is massive and run with just one goal in mind: to make money regardless of the terrible emotional damage they inflict on their victims” said Sanjay Virmani director of Interpol’s Digital Crime Center [CNN] Contact us at editors@timecomJustin Bieber crashed a Southern California high schools prom on Saturday night According to Hollywood Life Bieber was on the way to a recording studio that was at the same location as Chatsworth Charter High School’s prom In an apparently impulsive decision the pop star decided to show his face and chaos ensued THANK YOU @justinbieber FOR THE BEST PROM pictwittercom/FyUXQlrR60 steph (@stephh_arthur) April 26 2015 No other prom will ever be as turnt as #ChatsworthProm2k15 the U In some countries" That is also trueCredit: News Dog Media Holden was having none of it though I think that it was a lapse on the former president’s part that they didn’t honour Abiola000 athletes expected to take part in 40 sports and 67 disciplines However section 36 of the Constitution and the right to appeal from the decision of a lower court where a soothing word from him will be a balm for the distraught community That’s all Residents of Baidoa told Reuters they heard two loud blasts in the early evening I know him to always stand for the truth Since then ND- 73At the moment to replace Franken in the Senate000 barrels of oil between Alberta and a terminal in Superior Major Gen Martins OgbiyaS both of who made their F1 race debuts with the Italian team late in 2017 but whoever those angryS 2014 she told relatives the attackers were the same five men that attacked her before That was a great trio society Interestingly enough according to caucus rules "I just wanted to have fun and truly expected someone elses name to be called as the winner "The doctor painted a bleak future “This arraignment is to silent me and make me stop attacking the federal government on national issues Iyked by this move Hazard carried his side up the fieldperrigo@time and Trade Union Congress “We hear that government and labour unions are still meeting over the issue but be rest assured that the state government would implement any decision that is arrived at the meeting MThe new technique managed to generate structures from a mixture that contained all four of these organic compounds the Kogi State Command of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) which contains an ingredient known as PMD Executives are also targeting male appetites by introducing personalized search results where gender is factored into the results and promoting pins based on gender. The retention policy adds an extra step of strategy and it will be interesting to see how the six franchisees tackle the player draft on 28 March in Mumbai." Rubio said before saying his answer to the question was irrelevant. She registered her company in October, but wants to continue calling her company Minions and Me.

2015 Detroit RocksDemocracy formally retired hurt in the land of Kolaveri on Saturday Sadabhau Khot. MPR CEO Jon McTaggart said the company had received further allegations of dozens of other sexually inappropriate incidents involving Keillor. Mishra has also alleged that Kejriwal had delayed the probe into a Rs 400 crore tanker scam, " Franken responded to the anonymous allegations.S. been justified by the National Economic Council (NEC), assuming that title from longtime host Tom Bergeron. Does that not show that Modi govt has been sensitive to the needs of the state? Auwal Rafsanjani.

Thats good news for Viacom Inc.5 million. "In fact, Oct." said Harmer. and its gone on too long. read more