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Imagine coming home to this suburban masterpiece everyday

first_img19 Lilly Pilly Road, Pullenvale.Award-winning architect Bud Brannigan has created a stunning six-bedroom masterpiece in this southeast Queensland suburb. One of the bedrooms at 19 Lilly Pilly Road, Pullenvale. The 12m lap pool at 19 Lilly Pilly Road, Pullenvale. 19 Lilly Pilly Road, Pullenvale.Featuring an amazing natural backdrop, Ray White – East Brisbane selling agent Tim Davis said a clean, industrial aesthetic had been used throughout the design of the home, with tasteful influences from Santa Fe adding warmth.“Carefully positioned to cut out harsh summer sun and allow in winter light, the windows are also situated to get the best cross breezes,” Mr Davis said.“On top of that, it’s a house that can be broken into quite distinct zones or completely opened up, blending the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces – all around a centre courtyard leading down to a beautiful salt water swimming pool.” 19 Lilly Pilly Road, Pullenvale.center_img 19 Lilly Pilly Road, Pullenvale. 19 Lilly Pilly Road, Pullenvale.Feel like you are on holidays living in this striking and bold home, at 19 Lilly Pilly Rd, Pullenvale. FREE: Get the latest real estate news direct to your inbox here More from newsDigital inspection tool proves a property boon for REA website3 Apr 2020The Camira homestead where kids roamed free28 May 2019 The perfect place to hang out at 19 Lilly Pilly Road, Pullenvale.The property, which is for sale by negotiation, is on a 1ha allotment and features a 12m lap pool, and a rear deck with forest views.last_img read more

BestMeta, a cryptocurrency based platform for the esports community launches

first_imgBestMeta, a cryptocurrency based platform designed for the esports community has today been revealed. The aim of the platform is to “give the freedom of creative control back to talent” by providing personalities, shoutcasters and professionals with a platform to connect with fans.The network, built on Blockchain technology will leverage the system to provide a transparent network for both talent and consumers. The face to the project is Toby “TobiWan” Dawson a caster famed for his work in Valve developed Dota 2. The BestMeta founders believe they can provide a sustainable ecosystem for esports talents, who will be rewarded through the coin “BestMeta Tokens”. The platform’s token system aims to create a streamlined ecosystem where talent and fans are easily connected. The Blockchain element is to provide full transparency and accountability with all spending and donations between fans and content creators. The tokens can be purchased by fans allowing them to exchange funds for interactions or projects by the talent signed up to the BestMeta platform.“Utilising Blockchain technology, we harness the power of mass community into a trusted, accountable and sustainable esports ecosystem. BestMeta is the first of its kind to be developed exclusively to support esports talent, born out of a passion to help content creators reach their true and fullest potential” commented Amy Yu, Managing Director of BestMeta. Talent will have the scope to create their own personalised tokens, representative of their brand value. The community can then purchase them to support the talents. “The esports community is one of the strongest in the world and we want to empower that community to achieve great things”, states BestMeta’s Esports Director, Toby ‘TobiWan’ Dawson. “Through BestMeta, we will enable talent the power to build their brand the way they want, their only limit will be their imagination.”To coincide with the launch, Tobiwan has teased a four part show called Well Played in which esports pros, commentators, casters and general talent feature in a Never Mind the Buzzcocks style panel show hosted by Tobi. The first episode will air at 8pm GMT, Wednesday 24th January.Esports Insider says: Another esports ICO, this one is very different though. It’s been met with a mixed reception thus far once the token sale gets underway we’ll see how enamoured the community are by the idea. We’re looking forward to watching the show, however.last_img read more

Ivica Osim is Award Winner of “Personality of Region in 2013” and “Lifetime Achievement Award”

first_imgThe prize “Personality of region for 2013” was awarded to Ivica Osim today in Sarajevo. This prize is awarded by a regional independent jury from Zenica, the magazine Euromenager and European Association of Managers.Also, Osim was awarded with a lifetime achievement award as appreciation for the overall results of his work, as a genius football player, coach, selector and president of the Committee for normalization of football in B&H.“The crown of his success, after wonderful football, coach and selector achievements is that with the help of his associates and football genius managed to create conditions for the successful game of our “Dragons”, with excellent leadership of Safet Sušić and Football Association. All of them together have worked to ensure participation of our football representation at the world championship in Brazil next year”, stated Pane Škrbić, President of the Regional Agency for prize award to most successful people in the region of Southeast and Central Europe.In a sign of gratitude Škrbić handed to Ivica Osim the artistic painting of Mersad Berber.(Source: Fena)last_img read more

Employment tribunal rules in favour of Addison Lee drivers in workerstatus case

first_imgThe Central London Employment Tribunal has ruled that three drivers working for car and courier organisation Addison Lee are employed as workers rather than independent contractors, and are therefore entitled to employment rights such as the national minimum wage and holiday pay.Lang, Olszeski and Morahan v Addison Lee, involved three drivers who commenced work with Addison Lee at different points during June 2014 and June 2015, who argued that they should be classified as workers rather than as self-employed independent contractors. This would then entitle them to receive the national minimum wage, holiday pay, and protection against contract termination for being trade union members under the Employment Rights Act 1996 and related legislation.The claimants contended that they worked personally for Addison Lee as drivers, using branded vehicles that they had to hire through an associated organisation of Addison Lee. Employment judge Pearl agreed with the drivers, stating that by logging on to the online handheld computer that the organisation used to allocate jobs, the claimants were undertaking to accept jobs being given to them, and were therefore performing driving services.Jobs allocated in this fashion by a controller had to be accepted, or drivers had to provide an acceptable reason as to why they would not accept the job. If the controller deemed the reason as unacceptable, then the matter would be referred to a supervisor. In addition, drivers had no control or knowledge over the fare that was agreed. Payments were made either directly to Addison Lee by card, or in a cash payment to the driver that had already been pre-agreed, with no option for negotiation or alterations.Addison Lee further supplied information to drivers regarding standards that the organisation suggested be adhered to via a contract, which was re-issued in May 2015. This included a short script that could be used with customers, topics of conversation and lines of inquiry that were suitable to discuss, as well as a stipulated dress code. A March 2013 car control manual additionally specifies penalties for failing to log on in a timely fashion for pre-bookings, for example, a six-month ban from accepting pre-booked jobs.The handheld computer device enabled drivers to notify the controller when they decided to take a break or go home and the drivers also had to notify the organisation if they planned on taking any holiday. If drivers were logged off from the computer for more than three to four days, Addison Lee would make contact with the driver to find out why. The organisation also required drivers to undertake a set amount of work a week, otherwise drivers would receive a £35 weekly service charge.Employment judge Pearl ruled in favour of the claimants, finding that the drivers are workers because there is a contractual obligation for the drivers to provide services. Furthermore, the Addison Lee vehicle could not be used for other commercial or income-related purposes, meaning that the drivers were not working for other organisations at the same time as working for Addison Lee.In the court documents Pearl said: “We have come to the view that the claimants were workers as defined. We agree that there must be a contractual obligation by the drivers to provide services. The statutory wording is that there must be a contract ‘whereby the individual undertakes to do or perform personally any work or services’ for the other party. This was clearly the case here whenever each driver logged on. Ignoring the period between ‘log ons’, the drivers, when they logged on, were undertaking to accept the driving jobs allocated to them. They were undertaking to perform driving services personally. No other conclusion is possible.“They could not use the vehicle for other commercial or income-earning purposes. They did not market their services to the world and, even had they set up in business as drivers with some other vehicle, that would not connote that Addison Lee, on these arrangements, was one of their customers or clients. These claimants derived their whole income from this driving work.“Logging on undoubtedly put the drivers at the respondent’s disposal and during logging on periods the drivers would not always be transporting a passenger. That is inherent in the work. If the driver chose to park a vehicle and remain logged on, [she or he] was no less at the disposal of Addison Lee.”Liana Wood, solicitor at law firm Leigh Day, which represented the drivers, said: “We are delighted that the employment tribunal has found in favour of our clients. This judgment acknowledges the central contribution that Addison Lee’s drivers have made to the success of the [organisation] by confirming that its drivers are not self-employed but that they work for Addison Lee as part of Addison Lee’s business.“Addison Lee advertises itself as a premium driving service and seeks to ensure that its drivers meet the high standard required for that premium service. However, Addison Lee drivers very often work very long hours, in excess of 60 hours a week, in order to just earn enough to cover their basic living costs.  Addison Lee has sought to deny its drivers the most basic workers’ rights, including to be paid the national minimum wage and to receive paid holiday.“This is a very important decision by the employment tribunal and will go some way to addressing these issues. This decision will not just have an impact on the thousands of Addison Lee drivers but, following on from the decision in Uber, on all workers in the so-called gig economy whose employers classify them as self-employed and deny them the rights to which they are entitled.“There will now be a further hearing in the employment tribunal to calculate the holiday and pay that the drivers should receive.”Addison Lee was unavailable for comment at time of publication.last_img read more