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Those living in Bengal must speak Bengali: Mamata

first_imgWest Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Friday that people from other States will have to speak in Bengali in West Bengal.While the message evoked mixed response in the social media, with many Bengalis opposing the idea, it appeared to be a clear attempt message to create space for linguistic and regional nationalism to counter religious nationalism. The idea has been advocated by various language pressure groups in the State for some time.“We have to take Bangla forward. When we go to Delhi we speak in Hindi, when we go to Punjab we have to speak in Punjabi. I do it. When I go to Tamil Nadu, I don’t know the Tamil language, but I know a few words. So in the same way if you are coming to Bengal you have to speak in Bengali,” Ms Banerjee said.She further added that “people from outside cannot come to beat up Bengalis.” Ms Banerjee was addressing a rally in Kanchrapara in North 24 Parganas district. Two key leaders of the area, Mukul Roy and Arjun Singh, moved to the BJP from the TMC.“In Naihati, Kakinara, Barrackpore, houses of Bengalis have been ransacked. We will not tolerate this. Our party cadres didn’t ransack houses of non-Bengalis here. We are against this sort of violence,” she said.“Just because they have won a few seats by programming EVMs doesn’t mean that you can beat up Bengalis and minorities in the state. We will not tolerate this. The police will take action against the hooligans. If someone is living in Bengal he or she has to speak in Bengali,” Ms Banerjee said. A Trinamool Congress advisor told The Hindu that the Chief Minister wais “concerned” about the “growing political clout of the people who do not speak Bengali and are from other States.”“So long these communities only pushed their economic interest in the State but being affluent now they are also pushing their political interests, contesting elections and influencing agendas, as every party has substantial number of people who have come to the State over last few years. This has bothered the Chief Minister,” the advisor said. Ms. Banerjee, however, said that she had “nothing against non-Bengalis living in Bengal.” “But the BJP is trying to create a Bengali and non-Bengali divide. I would urge them not to test our patience. We will never allow Bengalis to become homeless in Bengal,” she said. Alleging that the BJP was trying to turn West Bengal into another Gujarat, she alleged that just like the BJP engineered riots in the western state to retain power, it was trying to use the same technique in Bengal.“We have nothing against Gujarat or residents from that state. We are against the politics of riots that the BJP had followed in that state and is trying to replicate here. As long as I am there I would never allow them to turn Bengal into another Gujarat,” she said.(With PTI inputs)last_img read more

Bohemian rhapsody

first_imgWaistcoat by Urban Renewal, Jeans by J Brand Jeans, Shoes by Nine West, Accessories by VinegarIf indie band Shaa’ir+Func’s music is best defined as “experimentation within the popular and cutting edge genres”, vocalist-composer Monica Dogra’s personal style reflects just the same spunk. One half of the popular musical duo, the 28-year-old singer-composer dresses “funky, with a certain level of femininity without being too girlie.” Her wardrobe is all about “comfort” and “functionality”, a necessity since she’s on stage with her band almost every day of the week. She’s been on the go for her gigs, promoting her debut film Dhobhi Ghat and performing at events, but insists that she never lives out of a suitcase. “I feel uprooted; unpacking gives me peace of mind,” she says. For the Maryland-raised girl, who moved to India in 2006, Bollywood happened by chance. Director Kiran Rao spotted her on a magazine cover and invited her for auditions through Facebook. On a tour of the UK with her band at the time, Dogra auditioned a month later and the rest as they say, is history. Working with superstar Aamir Khan was the icing on the cake. Red carpet appearances, photo ops and interviews have changed this self-professsed urban bohemian girl. Grunge has been replaced by grace as Dogra now makes a “special attempt to spend more time on choosing her outfits.” Not one to flaunt labels, her wardrobe is a mix of creations of local boutiques in the US, high street fashion brands, desi designers and accessories from street-side shops. A supporter of sustainable fashion, she often sports outfits from NorBlack NorWhite, Mumbai, which revisits traditional Indian textiles. Unlike most women her age, Dogra doesn’t swear by retail therapy. An “impulsive shopper who grabs what appeals at first glance”, she has recently discovered the joys of working with stylist, Tania Ghavri. At other times, she shops when she is holidaying in the US. Dogra is a moody dresser and picks the ‘look’ for the day depending upon her waking thoughts. If yellow adds energy, earthy tones make her feel “rooted and happy”; on a day her poetic juices are flowing, the daughter of Kashmiri immigrants brings out the beads and baubles. “I don’t go for statement clothing; I interpret the clothes I wear. They reflect my personality,” she states. That pretty much describes her eclectic and experimental wardrobe.Blue jumpsuit and accessories, both by Vinegar Black wedge heeled boots by Gil Torres, New York.Dress from a Canadian vintage store.Shirt by Forever 21 Shorts from a street store in New York Necklace by Vinegar.advertisementlast_img read more

Letter to the Editor

first_img Related Items:damian wilson, leadership, tci patriots Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 28 Jan 2016LIFE – Leadership, Integrity, Fraternity, and EducationHOPE – Help Our People ExcelPOWER – Possessing Our Wealth, Economy and ResourcesWhat is leadership?What is leadership?The above question sounds simple enough, and when answering many will tell you that leadership is simply being in charge or in command, being the one to make the decisions. While this is absolutely true, we must understand that leadership is so much more than that. While the word ‘leadership’ holds simple conations for most, it means much more than simply being in charge or making decisions. We must understand that there are effective leaders and there are those in a position of leadership; they are not necessarily the same thing. You see, the difference here is position versus purpose. What do I mean by this?Often times many persons are given a position where they are in charge of others. However, there hearts have no desire for progress or change, so they keep doing the same things that have always been done. It’s not that they’re not capable but they have not developed a desire for purpose in that role. They may have a lot going on but their actions doesn’t give inspiration to those around them, and therefore, they struggle to gain momentum in their leadership.What we must understand is that leadership isn’t just about the leader, but also about the people they lead. As a leader you will develop a purpose for your leadership by having a heart for the people that you lead. Real effective leadership isn’t about getting people to confirm to your way but about transforming people’s faith in their own abilities through your vision. Successful people identify what they do well; but successful leaders identify what others do well.Aside from the above, I firmly believe that there are a few more key characteristics that any leader should have. Some of these key characteristics are:1. Innovation: Leadership is about introducing something new or different that hasn’t been seen before or taking something already existing or established and transforming it into something new or different. Good leadership is creative and transformative. Innovation in leadership is a process which takes time.2. Decisiveness: A leader must not be afraid to make decisions. Sometimes those decisions will be very hard choices but a leader must have the ability to make good decisions quickly and effectively. Often times, those closest to you may not agree with your choice but being decisive may be the difference between life and death.3. Problem Solving: A leader must have the ability to solve a problem, whether that problem is in the conception of ideas, in the operation of the organization or even with individuals. They must try to see clearly and be objective. When problems are ignored or not resolve they can grow and become even more dangerous later on.4. Compassion: A good leader not only cares about achieving their vision but is also empathetic to the needs and concerns of others, especially of those that follow you. A simple compassionate act can motivate even the most disheartened follower to continue on or persuade the hardest enemy to see differently. Leaders must show that they care!As you may see, these few characteristics are not actually about the leader but how the leader related to others in their role as leader. Successful people position themselves well; successful leaders position others well. Not through favouritism or elitism but through vision. Because the greatest legacy of any leadership is producing more leaders not devoted followers.END.Damian WilsonTCI Patriot National Leadership Conference announced, Youth to get training Recommended for you Natl Leadership Conference begins today; Registration still on Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Vote Your Voice says they did not collect any forms during drivelast_img read more