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Boeing, South African Airways to make jet fuel from tobacco

first_img6 August 2014South African Airways is partnering with US aerospace giant Boeing and Amsterdam-based SkyNRG to make sustainable aviation biofuel from a new type of tobacco plant, in a pioneering project that could make aviation more environment-friendly while advancing rural development in southern Africa.“It’s an honour for Boeing to work with South African Airways on a pioneering project to make sustainable jet fuel from an energy-rich tobacco plant,” J Miguel Santos, Boeing’s MD for Africa, said in a joint statement on Wednesday. “South Africa is leading efforts to commercialize a valuable new source of biofuel that can further reduce aviation’s environmental footprint and advance the region’s economy.”According to the statement, SkyNRG is expanding production of the hybrid plant, known as Solaris, as an energy crop that farmers could grow instead of traditional tobacco.“Test farming of the plants, which are effectively nicotine-free, is under way in South Africa, with biofuel production expected from large and small farms in the next few years,” the companies said.Initially, oil from the plant’s seeds will be converted into jet fuel. In coming years, Boeing expects emerging technologies to increase South Africa’s aviation biofuel production from the rest of the plant.“By using hybrid tobacco, we can leverage knowledge of tobacco growers in South Africa to grow a marketable biofuel crop without encouraging smoking,” said Ian Cruickshank, SAA’s group environmental affairs specialist.Maarten van Dijk, chief technology officer at SkyNRG, said his company “strongly believe[s] in the potential of successfully rolling out Solaris in the southern African region to power sustainable fuels that are also affordable”.SAA and Boeing signed a memorandum of understanding in October last year in which they agreed to work together to develop and implement a sustainable aviation biofuel supply chain in southern Africa – a first for the continent.As part of the project, Boeing and SAA are working with the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials, an international multi-stakeholder initiative, to position farmers with small plots of land to grow biofuel feedstocks that provide them with an income without harming food supplies, fresh water or land use.According to the two companies, flight tests show that biofuel, which is derived from organic sources such as plants or algae, performs as well as or better than petroleum-based jet fuel. “When produced in sustainable ways, biofuel contributes far less to global climate change than traditional fuels, because carbon dioxide is pulled out of the atmosphere by a growing plant-based feedstock.”In 2011, aviation biofuel refined to required standards was approved for a blend of up to 50 percent with traditional jet fuel. Globally, more than 1 500 passenger flights using biofuel have been flown since then.SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

2016 Junior Market Lamb Show photo highlights

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Ava Shroyer, Logan Co, takes Grand Champion Dorset market lamb Junior Dorset Market Lamb exhibitors in final breed class Molly Clark, Darke Co, 11 showing in Dorset market lamb show Hunter Frobose, Wood Co. sets up her Suffolk market lamb at the 2016 Ohio State Fair. Miley Shatto, 9, Shelby Co with her Southdown market lamb Junior market lamb exhibitors Elizabeth Shatto, 12, Shelby Co. sets up with her market lamb Clay Johnson shakes hands with the judge after being named the champion Hampshire market lamb Market lamb exhibitors line up for judging Joel Overmyer, 14, Lucas Co. sets up his Hampshire lamb for the judge Elizabeth Shatto, 12, Shelby Co, sets up her market lamb Three junior exhibitors during the market lamb show Paige Pence and Bailee Amstutz prepare for judging during the Hampshire market lamb show Bailee Amstutz, 11, Union County watching the judge for the final decision of the Hampshire market lamb show Junior exhibitors walking their market lambs during the market lamb show Junior exhibitors in the Hampshire market lamb class Oxford exhibitors watch the judge Drew Helmke, 13, HEnry Co., leads his Natural Color lamb Justin Howell, 12, Knox Co. with his Southdown Owen Brinker, 12, Wood Co. walks with his Grade lamb in the market lamb show Owen Brinker, 12, Wood Co. sets his Grade lamb for judging at the market lamb show Brylee Harder, 18, Galia Co. walks her Grade market lamb for the judge Brylee Harder, 18, Galia Co. watches the judge with her Grade market lamb Junior exhibitors are show ready for the Grade market lamb show Adam Bensman, 13, Miami Co. prepares his lamb for judging in the Grade market lamb class Emma Nicholson, Morrow Co. Mackenzie Cory, 10, Fayette Co. with her Grade market lamb Caleb Stone sets up his Grade market lamb for the judge Kylee Johnson, Wayne Co., gets the handshake for Grade champion. She went on to win Grand Champion. Kylee Johnson, Wayne Co., gets the handshake for Grand Champion. Grand Champion Market Lamb: Kylee Johnson, Wayne Co. (Champ. Grade) Grand Champion Market Lamb: Kylee Johnson, Wayne Co. (Champ. Grade) Fifth overall: Paige Pence, Clark Co. (Res. Hampshire) Fourth overall: Clay Johnson, Dalton, Wayne Co. (Champ. Hampshire) Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb: Paige Pence, Clark Co. (Res. Champ. Grade) Fifth overall: Paige Pence, Clark Co. (Res. Hampshire) Fourth overall: Clay Johnson, Dalton, Wayne Co. (Champ. Hampshire) Third overall: Lauren Ott, Erie Co. (Champ. Natural Colored) Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb: Paige Pence, Clark Co. (Res. Champ. Grade) Youth exhibitors led 670 lambs through the show ring at the 2016 Junior Market Lamb Show. Here are the results from the 2016 show:Judge Todd Wise, ColoradoPhotos by Meghan Bruns. HampshireChampion: Clay Johnson, Dalton, Wayne Co.Reserve Champion: Paige Pence, Clark Co. ShropshireChampion: Olivia Seaburn, Clark Co.Res. Champion: Kendall Sattler, Defiance Co. SouthdownsChampion: Matthew Wallen, Champaign Co.Res. Champion: Ava Shroyer, Logan Co. SuffolkChampion: Hannah DeLong, Champaign, Co.Res. Champion: Matthew Wallen, Champaign Co. DorsetChampion: Ava Shroyer, Logan Co.Res. Champion: Matthew Wallen, Champaign Co. MontadaleChampion: Jackson Grimes, Logan Co.Res. Champion: Jackson Grimes, Logan Co. OxfordChampion: Elizabeth Shatto, Shelby Co.Res. Champion: Lauren Ott, Erie Co. AOBChampion: Jacob Roeth, Miami Co.Res. Champion: Isaac Beal, Miami Co. Brockle-faceChampion: Kendall Sattler, Defiance Co.Res. Champion: Justin Parke, Miami Co. Natural ColoredChampion: Lauren Ott, Erie Co.Res. Champion: Addie DeLong, Champaign Co.GradeChampion: Kylee Johnson, Wayne Co.Res. Champion: Paige Pence, Clark Co.last_img read more

Everything Changes: Mister Postman Gets Saturdays Off

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Serverless Backups: Viable Data Protection for … If you ever thought that something will last forever, get ready for a smack on the head.The latest evidence of this grand falsehood is today’s announcement from the United States Postal Service of a new plan to halt mail delivery on Saturdays, with the exception of package delivery.The move, which is scheduled to begin this August, would save the post office $2 billion annually. Under the proposed plan, mail would still be delivered to post office boxes on Saturdays, and post offices currently open on Saturdays would remain so.This is all just in the planning stages, since Congressional approval is needed to make such a drastic change. But the USPS is expected to cite figures demonstrating the American public would be behind such a move when it makes its formal announcement later today.Shifting Technology, AlwaysTechnology has a way of disrupting the hell out of the things and processes we have come to accept as “always there” in our lives. If you went back 15 years, it would hard to imagine five-day mail delivery, yet here we are, with an proposal that makes sense. Personal mail delivery has fallen drastically since the advent of e-mail and social media networks.Five years ago, I might have objected to such a plan. Saturdays were a big day for checks from publishers. Now that all my funds are direct deposited, I no longer care.It’s not just the mail, of course. A decade ago, it would have been hard to conceive homes not having landlines for phones, and yet these days it’s commonplace, thanks to ubiquitous cell phones and e911 services that geolocate phones. (If I didn’t live in a plaster-walled Faraday cage, I would ditch the landline in a minute.)Five years ago, it would be really hard to imagine a world without a desktop Windows monopoly, but then Apple and Google took the computing world sideways into the land of smartphones and tablets and now things have gotten so bad for Microsoft, they’ve had to put financial stakes into companies (i.e., Nokia and now Dell) just to ensure Microsoft has a vendor that will actually sell Windows on said smartphones and traditional PCs.For those of you who find that line of reasoning hard to accept, it may be time to let go of the staid notions you might have about technology. Nothing in this business lasts forever and something will always try to replace the technology you are using.It’s All Been DoneMany of us of a certain age have watched some new technologies rise to prominence, only to nearly completely fade away. Fax machines had a particularly short tech cycle, and VCRs shorter than that. Landline telephones had a good long run, as did personal desktop computers. But now, it seems, their time is waning.This is not a proclamation that “the desktop is dead.” But personal computing is changing, and drastically. We have inklings of what this might look like, but like any change, it’s going to have its share of bumps and scrapes along the way.Today’s announcement from the USPS reflects the fundamental change in the ways we communicate. There will be other world-shaking announcements in the months and years to come, and we need to be ready.Five-day mail delivery?No idea is unthinkable any more.Image courtesy of Shutterstock. Cloud Hosting for WordPress: Why Everyone is Mo… brian proffittcenter_img How Intelligent Data Addresses the Chasm in Cloud Related Posts Tags:#Future Tech last_img read more

Those living in Bengal must speak Bengali: Mamata

first_imgWest Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Friday that people from other States will have to speak in Bengali in West Bengal.While the message evoked mixed response in the social media, with many Bengalis opposing the idea, it appeared to be a clear attempt message to create space for linguistic and regional nationalism to counter religious nationalism. The idea has been advocated by various language pressure groups in the State for some time.“We have to take Bangla forward. When we go to Delhi we speak in Hindi, when we go to Punjab we have to speak in Punjabi. I do it. When I go to Tamil Nadu, I don’t know the Tamil language, but I know a few words. So in the same way if you are coming to Bengal you have to speak in Bengali,” Ms Banerjee said.She further added that “people from outside cannot come to beat up Bengalis.” Ms Banerjee was addressing a rally in Kanchrapara in North 24 Parganas district. Two key leaders of the area, Mukul Roy and Arjun Singh, moved to the BJP from the TMC.“In Naihati, Kakinara, Barrackpore, houses of Bengalis have been ransacked. We will not tolerate this. Our party cadres didn’t ransack houses of non-Bengalis here. We are against this sort of violence,” she said.“Just because they have won a few seats by programming EVMs doesn’t mean that you can beat up Bengalis and minorities in the state. We will not tolerate this. The police will take action against the hooligans. If someone is living in Bengal he or she has to speak in Bengali,” Ms Banerjee said. A Trinamool Congress advisor told The Hindu that the Chief Minister wais “concerned” about the “growing political clout of the people who do not speak Bengali and are from other States.”“So long these communities only pushed their economic interest in the State but being affluent now they are also pushing their political interests, contesting elections and influencing agendas, as every party has substantial number of people who have come to the State over last few years. This has bothered the Chief Minister,” the advisor said. Ms. Banerjee, however, said that she had “nothing against non-Bengalis living in Bengal.” “But the BJP is trying to create a Bengali and non-Bengali divide. I would urge them not to test our patience. We will never allow Bengalis to become homeless in Bengal,” she said. Alleging that the BJP was trying to turn West Bengal into another Gujarat, she alleged that just like the BJP engineered riots in the western state to retain power, it was trying to use the same technique in Bengal.“We have nothing against Gujarat or residents from that state. We are against the politics of riots that the BJP had followed in that state and is trying to replicate here. As long as I am there I would never allow them to turn Bengal into another Gujarat,” she said.(With PTI inputs)last_img read more