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Apple WWDC 2011 coverage Lion 30 though App Store updated iOS notifications

first_imgApple’s WWDC starts today, with the keynote at 10am Pacific (1pm Eastern), and we’ll be updating this post as news is announced. This is the Apple event of the summer, the one where we’ll learn all about what’s in store for Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5, in other words the future of the Mac and the iDevices. In addition to Apple’s operating systems we know that iCloud will be covered, along with all the things that it makes possible. These could range from updates to iTunes to integration to the OS to a yearly subscription fee, but you can bet Apple has big plans for their shiny new datacenter.No live video stream is available so you can follow along with the liveblogs, such as: PC Mag, Cnet, Thisismynext, Macrumors, and Engadget.AdChoices广告[via pcmag]The event has started and Steve Jobs is on stage, as expected. A few live viewers have noted that he doesn’t sound particularly energetic. And before we know it he’s off the stage, handing things off to Phil Schiller.Schiller is talking numbers–basically Apple’s Mac division is doing quite well right now. In the last year the PC market has experienence -1% growth while the Mac is up 28%. The Mac has outgrown the PC for each of the last five years.Time to talk LionOS X 10.7 (Lion) will have over 250 new features. He’s demoing 10 big ones today including: multi-touch gestures and full screen apps. Switching from app to app can be done using gestures, making Mac OS X seem a lot like a mobile operating system when in this mode.There is also Mission Control (a feature that shows you everything you are working on at the moment). Spaces and Mission Control seem like they will be an important part of task switching in future versions of OS X. Fourth is the Mac App Store–it’s built in Lion and it’s hugely popular. In fact they says it’s ahead of Buy Best as the top PC software reseller. It’ll have a new feature: delta updates.Schiller also talked LaunchPad and then Resume, which will start up applications right were you left them after they get closed. It will work system wide–even highlighted text will be that way when a program is opened back up. And then there AutoSave, which will automatically save your file periodically and then save a version as changes are made. It saves delta files, so only one actual copy of the file exists (this makes it easier to search for) but your versions remain intact.There is also AirDrop, the P2P file sharing tool. It’s a wireless way to give other people bit of data–easier and quicker than emailing or handing them a USB stick. Drag a file onto a username (in Finder) and the file will be sent over, just like that! And it’s fully encrypted.OS X’ Mail also gets smarter searching. There is rules-based searching and a conversation view, for those people who envy Gmail but want an email client in their lives.Schiller wrapped up with an “and much, much more” screen including: Windows Migration, search tokens in finders, FileVault 2, full screen, sandboxing, file coordination, media device support, OpenCL 1.1, core media, Cocoa auto layout, toobar autohiding, and so on.OS X Lion will be $30 and it’s a 4GB download through the Mac App Store! No reboots required. It will be available in July.And now it’s time for…Scott Forstall and iOS 5 As usually, the numbers are up first. They are staggering: there are over 200M iOS devices out there, over 25M iPads sold since it was launched 14 months ago, 15B tracks sold through iTunes, over 130M iBook sales, and so on. And, to date, there are over 90K iPad apps. 14B apps have been downloaded through the App Store.As for what’s new with iOS 5… First up is Notifications! After over 100,000,000,000 notifications pushed, Apple has realized that they are annoying. There will be an Android-like notification bar that can be pulled down from the top of the screen. It’s not disruptive and it will update on the Lock screen for easy access.More iOS 5 notification coverage.Another new feature for ioS 5 is Newsstand. When you buy periodicals, they will go here. Just like on a bookshelf or a newsstand (get it?).Next up from for iOS is Twitter integration. There will be an single-sign-on (saved credentials) and then it will integrate with you Camera, photos, etc. for super easy sharing.Safari gets some updates in iOS 5 as well. There is a new readability button that will remove all the crap from the page you are reading. It’ll give you the text you want without the ads or distractions. You can save articles to your reading list and even email the full article contents if you’d like. (Sounds a bit like Instapaper…) Articles will be saved across devices. And, for a another big one, Safari is getting tabs.Next is Reminders–which are like smart To Do lists. They will tell you to do things based on time, date, and location. They will even sync across your devices.The Camera has been updated for iOS 5 as well. There will be a shortcut from the lock screen, the volume up button will work as a physical trigger (not the first time we’ve seen this), there is pinch-to-zoom, and now you can edit photos right on the device.The Mail app has been updated as well. Some cool features include rich text, indentation, draggable addresses, the ability to search entire messages, and more. Security nuts can S/MIME for their devices.And–wow–there is a new split keyboard. It’s thumb-friendly and lives in the middle of the display.Post-PC iOS 5 cuts the cable. The devices will be able to be setup without a computer. Also all updates will be delta updates and will be done over the air! So downloads are smaller and changes are quicker.Also, calendars can be created and deleted from iOS… no PC required.Game CenterThis is worthy of its own section because it’s the world’s most popular gaming platform, with 90M users. It’ll get new features for friend discovery and turn-based gaming. You can buy apps from it as well.iMessageThis will be messaging to non-SIM devices, like the iPod touch and iPad. It’ll worth between all iOS devices though. You’ll be able to send messages, images, video, etc., and it will work over both 3G and WiFi. It will be built on Apple’s push notification system.That’s about it for iOS 5–the SDK goes out today and it will land some time this fall. Supported devices include the 3rd gen iPod touch, iPad, iPod 3GS, and everything newer.More iMessage coverage here.Steve Jobs is back to talk about…iCloud“The Cloud is the digital hub of your live” and “The PC and Mac are being demoted to being devices”. Wow, Steve is coming out swinging.iCloud will store your data and push it, wirelessly, to your devices. Contacts, for example, can be changed, pushed to the cloud and then synced with all your devices. It won’t just be calendar either–all @me.com addresses will be synced and pushed.Mail, calendar, and contacts will be free to use with iCloud. And the $99 MobileMe account? It no longer exists.iOS devices’ App Store apps will sync with the cloud–they will know about apps and iBooks (etc) that you’ve purchased on other devices and be able to download them.What more: the cloud will backup as well. Device settings, photos, videos, purchased books/music, and App data will be backed up to the iCloud (only over WiFi).Documents in the Cloud (that’s the full, real name apparently) will automatically upload and save docs. This includes Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. This means easy transportation of documents from one iOS device to another.The new Photo Stream app will push photos to the cloud. Then photos will be retrievable on your Mac, iPad, Apple TV, etc. Pics will live here for 30 days. After that they have to live on a device.iTunes in the Cloud is next. Songs you buy for one device will be available as free downloads on your other devices, at the push of a button. (No charge for downloading something you already bought, brilliant!) There will be a Purchased tabs in iTunes that will give you easier access to all this stuff. Anything you buy will be synced with all your devices, automatically. Up to ten devices will work.That’s iCloud… and it’s free. iCloud will go live with iOS 5, this fall.Users will get 5GB of storage, but that won’t count Photo Stream, apps, music, or iBooks. Cloud iTunes will launch with iOS 4.3.One more thing…As for iTunes in the cloud–Apple will scan your ripped tracks and give you iTunes ownership rights to them if you buy iTunes Match for $25/year. It’s the same price regardless of how much music you own.Steve Jobs bragged about Apples’ new datacenter for a bit and with that the keynote was over. His point being that Apple is serious about iCloud and it’s both the future of iOS and, in some part, Apple.No longer updating.last_img read more

airportsAllianzBrisbane Airporttravel insurance

first_imgairportsAllianzBrisbane Airporttravel insurance Allianz Worldwide Partners (AWP) has signed a new three-year partnership with Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC), to offer Allianz Global Assistance (AGA) travel insurance directly through the Brisbane Airport website, commencing early May 2018.From early May, the first-of its-kind partnership will provide customers the option to purchase AGA travel insurance to protect their journey, alongside services such as checking flight schedules and pre-booking discounted parking, all from the one online destination. Commenting on the new partnership, Brad Smith, Chief Sales Officer, Allianz Worldwide Partners says, “The BAC website caters to travellers transiting through Brisbane Airport, providing an easy one-stop-shop for all their pre-departure needs. Our data shows that travel insurance is often purchased as an afterthought, so we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with BAC and add travel insurance to the platform, ensuring it’s on that pre-departure checklist.“This is just the start of what we hope will be a long-term partnership to offer a range of insurance and assistance products tailored to suit Brisbane Airport Corporation’s customer base.”Floor Felten, General Manager Strategic Planning and Development, Brisbane Airport Corporation, said the airport was committed to providing a personalised and seamless experience for passengers. “We have conducted extensive research in an effort to understand the needs of passengers and it is clear travellers are relying on digital services more and are seeking ways to simplify their whole travel journey through the airport and beyond.“The convenience of purchasing Allianz Global Assistance travel insurance via the BNE website, alongside online services we already offer like parking, car hire, and currency exchange, gives travellers one less thing to think about,” Ms Felten said.Travellers departing from Brisbane Airport can purchase Allianz Global Assistance travel insurance HERE last_img read more